We are two Havers (Hebrew for Friend) who were irreparably and distinctly flawed when we met. We belonged to Jesus, but we were meant to belong with each other. After a hard road of not knowing what that meant or looked like, God separated us until He could trust us with each other’s heart and life, because where we were going, we would go together. 


It has taken us a long time to discover that:

1.) God has great assignments for us to carry

2.) No one goes on a God adventure alone, or a least not anyone smart! (We weren’t that smart starting out...🤭)


This would be a journey of Covenant, Purpose, and Sacrifice, of some of the most intimate moments of life connected with about as much laughter as any two people could take.


We are still flawed, but we are learning to accept the Law of Grace over each other and ourselves, knowing that when the flaws fade, perfection is made.

•If you are a woman who knows that life is one BIG adventure, then YOU are our Haver, aka Friend.

•If you know the calling on Your life is BIGGER than you, YOU are our Haver. •If you want to know how to live out the calling on your life and finish your journey strong, WE are YOUR Havers.


If God is yoking (Havar) you with another friend to carry the weight of your callings together, we are here to help you get ready for the journey, so you can fulfill your callings and finish strong.


Join us as we help you navigate your own Friendship Journey!


Thanks for reaching out! We will get back to you as soon as we can!

Because what He has called me to

cannot be done without her.